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SEO Weekly Recap (Not What You Expected Edition)

Hey folks Austin here and it’s time for another SEO Weekly Recap (Not What You Expected Edition).

What happens if you Google SEO? You get all the latest SEO articles Google thinks are relevant to your search. But are they relevant to you? Let me be the judge of that and help you cut to the chase.

Basics of International SEO

by: Joshua Steimle @donloper

Most of us SEOs aren’t too familiar with the workings of search engines outside of our own country.  Heck even we had to scratch our heads a bit when we a USA based SEO company had to audit a company website from Asia.  But in for the rescue is Steimle on the basics of international SEO.  You probably won’t be surprised that reading this article will feel familiar, even Steimle says, “everything is different, everything is the same.”  So though you might feel you know everything there is to know about SEO, it’s still good to brush up on some of the categories you’ll need to give special attention to when working with international clients.


- Good breakdown of basic categories

- Highlights differences between international SEO


- Example walk-through would be nice

Overall: Read It

Expert Insights on the Future of SEO, Part 1

by: @Trond Lyngbø

One thing about SEO is the first one there usually ranks highest, so we’re always on the hunt for trends in the latest Google algorithmn update.  But is that the only thing you should be focused on?  Lyngbø has managed to collect insights into the biggest names in the industry and how they think SEO will be changing over the next year.  There is a lot of good stuff in here, even if some of the experts are obviously guessing.


- Lots of good insights from industry names

- Lots of great ideas to spur thoughts and strategy


- Elaboration would be nice at times

Overall: Read It

How Solar Freakin Roadways Went Viral

by: @AustinSFaux

Solar Roadways was one of those phenomenons that went not a little viral….but crazy viral.  This article breaks down what strategy, or lack thereof, went into Solar Roadways planning for their video.  Plus an interview with the man behind the Solar Freakin Roadways video reveals that another video is in the works!


- Interview with Solar Roadways Video Creator

- Highlights the ingredients of viral content


- A timeline of events would be nice

Overall: Read It

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How Solar Freakin Roadways Went Viral

Solar Freakin Roadways went viral

Solar. Freakin. Roadways … Solar. Freakin. Roadways … SOLAR. FREAKIN. ROADWAYS!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you must have been living under a rock, because Solar Freakin’ Roadways took over the Internet for about a month. People liked its YouTube video, shared its Facebook posts and newspapers across the world lined up to interview the company. Was it because its product was so revolutionary that everyone was lining up to listen?

Believe it or not Solar Roadways was having a very difficult time getting on anyone’s radar. For years Solar Roadways was attending conferences like “Ted Talks”, and Google’s “Solve for X” but got little attention. After its initial research grants dried up it turned to crowd funding site Indiegogo in an attempt to raise $1,000,000. What people don’t know is that Solar Roadways was in big trouble because its indiegogo campaign was on the verge of failure, until …

The folks behind Solar Roadways knew they needed something to boast their message, and got lucky when director, writer and animator Michael Naphan reached out to them. We got in touch with Naphan and talked about the challenges, production and marketing behind his viral video.

Q: First off, what kind of marketing challenges was Solar Roadways facing before they got in contact with you, and why did they want a video to spread their message?

A: Solar Roadways is a pretty thrilling idea and I thought it deserved a chance to reach a larger audience. I got in touch with their team and offered my animation services. I had no idea that they had an Indiegogo campaign soon launching. I agreed to do an animation of a moose crossing the road initially. After the campaign had begun, they asked me how it was going and were hoping that it would go viral. I knew that it wouldn’t. But I told them I thought I could make a viral video that could do more for their campaign. I basically said what their initial Indiegogo campaign video said, but I said it louder with more humor and excitement.

Q: How challenging was the creative process you went through in order to figure out how to market an idea like Solar Roadways, and why did you choose the in-your-face direction with your video?

A: The Solar Freakin’ Roadways video pretty much popped into my head once I started conceiving it. The challenge was packing in all the information while making it fun and entertaining. The Solar Roadways idea was pretty ambitious with a healthy dose of moon-shot thinking, but I know there are a lot of people out there who want something to feel optimistic about. I tried to capture that feeling without being emotionally manipulative.

Solar Roadways - Michael Naphan

Q: After the video was created, what steps did you go through to make sure you got eyes on the video?  Was it as simple as just throwing it on YouTube, hoping someone saw it?  Or did you have a strategy going into the marketing of the video?

A: I simply handed the finished video over to the Brusaws to put on their YouTube channel. I thought the video was strong enough to reach a larger audience simply based on the small community of followers already aware of Solar Roadways. I don’t mean to sound boastful, but I simply knew that it would work.

Q: What were the big markers in the video’s viral journey? Did you reach out to George Takei, or how did he find out about your video?

A: Anyone who supported the video did so on their own. We did nothing that I know of to further promote the video. It simply gained a life of its own.

Q: Also, are there any plans for making another viral video for Solar Roadways in the future?  Or what approach would you take for a follow up video?

A: I’ll be meeting the Brusaws very soon in person. We’re going to discuss the possibility of creating future videos for Solar Roadways. If one were executed, it would no doubt follow with the theme and feel of the original to capitalize on its success.

Having spoken with Naphan, I’m left hearing the words of Matt Cutts in the back of my mind, “Content is King!”  Solar Roadways might not have known it at the time, but it followed all the rules for viral marketing.

1. Create viral content that tugs on the emotions.

2. Create content that is easy to share.

3. Engage social media audience and let it run wild.

The reason Solar Freakin’ Roadways went viral is because it created content that touched the emotions of its fans, added a unique perspective to a hot topic, and in turn added real value. The best part of its content, though, was that its fans felt like they too were adding value by sharing the content. Let the success of Solar Roadways be a lesson to all of us Internet marketers and notch one up for viral marketing.

For more information on Solar Roadways, visit its website today!

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"Mad Men" Internet Marketing Style

It would shock Don Draper to see the changes but it would be fun

This is the exact question Don Draper would ask once the shock wore off of the changes made to advertising. Meme courtesy of

Don Draper in Internet marketing. Now that’s must-see TV.

How would he handle SEO?



Would Roger Sterling have any clue what is going on or would he just drink himself into a stupor as always?

It’s fun to ponder how Sterling Cooper & Partners would handle SEM.

Would it lead the way for agencies?

Or would it be somewhere in the middle?

With Don, you know there’s no middle ground.

Don Draper Mad Men

He would succeed as few others could or fail in glorious fashion.

If I had to place my bet, I’d predict he would succeed.

Don would know how to capitalize on Internet marketing for both his agency and his clients.

His ability to sell and read people wouldn’t change in this digital age. He could still sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves.

With Don onboard, Sterling Cooper & Partners would be one of the best Internet marketing companies in the country.

They wouldn’t be spectacular at any one specific aspect of the industry, but they would do them all consistently well.

When the agency made mistakes, it wouldn’t harp on its employees.

When it encountered problems, instead of throwing money to fix them, it would devote more time and manpower. If that strategy sounds familiar, it’s because Google does it.

There’s no doubt if we plopped Don or anyone from “Mad Men” into this digital world, it would shock the hell out of them.

Mr. Draper would probably need an Old Fashioned nearby were he to see how advertising is done now and the tools and tricks people use to sell products.

And were he to witness the other technological advancements we’ve made as a society, he might need a whisky, too.

But one aspect hasn’t changed since his time: People who know how to sell and create campaigns can do so in any genre.

There’s definitely a learning curve when you try to do something new, but the great ones adapt.

When it comes to Internet marketing, you have to adapt or you fail.

When you think you’ve got it figured out, Google throws another algorithm update at you. One minute guest blogging is kosher, the next it’s not.

Don and those at Sterling Cooper & Partners would and could adapt. They would have the ability to pivot and change when it was needed.


Who wouldn’t want to see Don and Matt Cutts get together?

It wouldn’t be adversarial, but we would put them in a room for 24 hours. They could churn out the next big advancement in spam detection. Or they could find an entirely new method to measure PageRank that has weight based on quality.

Once Don finished with Cutts, wouldn’t it be fun to see Roger take a shot? And then in “Mad Men” fashion, all three really would take a shot – of bourbon, of course.

That’s another modern twist Don and his agency would have to get used to: No smoking or drinking in the office. I have a feeling they would find a way to be more covert about it.

Don Draper and “Mad Men” based on Internet marketing.

That really is must-see TV.

One thing about “Mad Men” and Don Draper is the drinking. That’s why this meme is perfect. Photo courtesy of

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SEO Weekly Recap (What’s That On The Ground)

Hey folks Austin here and it’s time for another Weekly SEO Recap (That Worked As Planned Edition).

What happens if you Google SEO? You get all the latest SEO articles Google thinks are relevant to your search. But are they relevant to you? Let me be the judge of that and help you cut to the chase.

SEO 101, Part 8: Content Optimization

by: +Jill Kocher

There are a lot of “how to” articles for beginners out there but Kocher has really don’t her homework.  What’s really nice is I haven’t seen to many content optimization articles for beginners out there.  Usually a beginners article talks about keywords and local SEO, which Kocher does in early parts of her SEO 101 series, but I’m glad she started talking about content optimization.  If you’re a beginner this series of articles should be able to help you scratch the surface.


- Easy to understand

- Different angle for beginners

- Could have used some example pics

Overall: Skim It

7 Objections Against SEO (And Why They Aren’t True)

by: @John Rampton

I usually like to stay away from SEO articles from major publications because they’re always so basic, and to be honest boring to SEO with 2+ years of experience.  That doesn’t apply to this article from Rampton who tackles some of the most common objections to SEO.  Many of the topics covered are questions SEOs have had to answer with potential clients, so brush up on your responses with this article.


- Covers many good objections

- Good links to back up answers

- Some answers a little too short and could use some fleshing out

Overall: Skim It

Google Webmaster Tools Just Got a lot More Important for Link Discovery and Cleanup

by: Robert Fisher

Finding good link is a lot harder than getting rid of bad links, but lets be honest that link clean-up still sucks.  There are a lot of tools to help you figure out what links are hurting your website but using Google Webmaster Tools is more important than ever.  One direction many people don’t think of when using Google Webmaster Tools for is for link building purposes.  Fisher offers a lot of good insights and ideas on how to improve your backlink profile that you might not have thought of, so check it out.


- Good examples with new tools

- History of the problem


- A tad long.

Overall: Read It

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